Utility function to create Processing’s vlw font data files.


py5.create_font_file('Comic Sans', 20)
for size in [10, 12, 15, 20]:
    py5.create_font_file('Comic Sans', 20, f'comic_sans_{size}.vlw', characters='abcde', pause=False)


Utility function to create Processing’s vlw font data files. In Processing, users would create these files through the PDE using the Create Font tool. This utility function accomplishes the same task.

This function creates a small helper Sketch to create a font file. Do not use this function inside of another Sketch.

By default it will create data files for every character available in the specified font. To reduce execution time and output file size, limit the characters using the characters parameter. The default output filename is {font_name}-{font_size}.vlw and will be saved to the current directory.

This utility function opens a window that displays a short message about the number of glyphs written to the file. To make the window close automatically, set the pause parameter to False.

Get a list of font names available on your computer with Py5Font’s Py5Font.list() method. If you request an unavailable font, it will create the data file anyway but using a default font.


    font_name: str,  # name of font found on computer
    font_size: int,  # font size in units of pixels
    filename: str = None,  # vlw data file to save font data to
    characters: str = None,  # limit glyphs to characters found in string
    pause: bool = True,  # pause after creating font file
) -> None

Updated on March 06, 2023 02:49:26am UTC