Take a screenshot of a running Sketch.


import time
import py5_tools

# take a screenshot of the running sketch after a two second delay
img = py5_tools.screenshot()'image.png')


Take a screenshot of a running Sketch.

The returned image is a PIL.Image object. It can be assigned to a variable or embedded in the notebook.

By default the Sketch will be the currently running Sketch, as returned by get_current_sketch(). Use the sketch parameter to specify a different running Sketch, such as a Sketch created using class mode.

This function will not work on a Sketch with no draw() function that uses an OpenGL renderer such as P2D or P3D. Either add a token draw() function or switch to the default JAVA2D renderer.

If your Sketch has a post_draw() method, use the hook_post_draw parameter to make this function run after post_draw() instead of draw(). This is important when using Processing libraries that support post_draw() such as Camera3D or ColorBlindness.


    sketch: Sketch = None,  # running Sketch
    hook_post_draw: bool = False  # attach hook to Sketch's post_draw method instead of draw
) -> PIL_Image

Updated on March 18, 2024 05:08:14am UTC