Set a window ratio to enable scale invariant drawing.


def setup():
  py5.window_ratio(1280, 720)


def draw():
  py5.background(255, 0, 0)
  py5.rect(0, 0, py5.rwidth, py5.rheight)

  py5.text_align(py5.CENTER, py5.CENTER)
  x, y = py5.rwidth / 2, py5.rheight / 2
  py5.text(f'{py5.rmouse_x}, {py5.rmouse_y}', x, y - 100)
  py5.text(f'top={int(py5.ratio_top)} left={int(py5.ratio_left)}', x, y + 100)
  py5.text(f'scale={round(py5.ratio_scale, 3)}', x, y + 200)


Set a window ratio to enable scale invariant drawing. If the Sketch window is resizable, drawing in a consistent way can be challenging as the window changes size. This method activates some transformations to let the user draw to the window in a way that will be consistent for all window sizes.

The usefulness of this feature is demonstrated in the example code. The size of the text will change as the window changes size. Observe the example makes two calls to text_size() with fixed values of 200 and 100. Without this feature, calculating the appropriate text size for all window sizes would be difficult. Similarly, positioning the text in the same relative location would also involve several calculations. Using window_ratio() makes resizable Sketches that resize well easier to create.

When using this feature, use rmouse_x and rmouse_y to get the cursor coordinates. The transformations involve calls to translate() and scale(), and the parameters to those methods can be accessed with ratio_top, ratio_left, and ratio_scale. The transformed coordinates enabled with this feature can be negative for the top and left areas of the window that do not fit the desired aspect ratio. Experimenting with the example and seeing how the numbers change will provide more understanding than what can be explained with words.

When calling this method, it is better to do so with values like window_ratio(1280, 720) and not window_ratio(16, 9). The aspect ratio is the same for both but the latter might result in floating point accuracy issues.

Underlying Processing method: windowRatio


    wide: int,  # width of scale invariant display window
    high: int,  # height of scale invariant display window
) -> None

Updated on May 02, 2024 02:48:11am UTC